Technology and Health Care

I was very thrilled to see how, sticky paper are used to provide third-world countries some form of affordable, convenient lab diagnosis. I love it when technological advancements create tools in healthcare that would help make care more accurate diagnosis, and affordable treatments. There are now so many Ipad apps that help physician and health practitioners make more accurate diagnosis and treatment,  communicate with patients and more! New York Times had a recent article on how IPad Apps has been changing the way medicine is practice. It’s great that the practice of medicine is changing for the better but it is important to remind ourselves that we want to practice patient-centered care.

Let’s remind ourselves not to overemphasize on disease or be over-obsessed with technological diagnostic tools but focus on the patient. This is when I appreciate the practice of Chinese Medicine where we look at the body as a dynamic system (almost like a mini eco-system within) and give a person the tools to help them achieve optimal health.