Waking up to the Right Music

The moment that sets the mood for the day– waking up. I love it when my body wakes me up before my alarms. Unfortunately, like many others, I rely on my alarm clock to snap me back into life so I am ready for work and school. My music selection varies between jazzy tunes to some karaoke able songs. I feel like there’s a science behind waking up the right way with the right music. The music can be dissected into speed, quality, variety, mood and volume. The music quality cannot be too abrupt that shocks me to life but needs to gradually lift me up. Volume that is loud enough to wake me up but does not leave my ears ringing. It also has to be an upbeat song with or without lyrics. Once my mood and body is bouncing into rhythm then it sets the tone for the rest of the day–until 2PM…

Sleep is such an essential part of life. Though we do not know why we must sleep– it does help our body restore itself. Being asleep is when body is allowed to recharge without the interruptions from our emotional and conscious state. Those who have problem with sleeping—is it because their overactive thoughts? is it their biological rhythm? is it their imbalances within the body? I would assume all of them. As I’m trying to grasp a better understanding of sleep in both the West and East–it makes me realize that sleep disorder deals with much more than just the brain.. it’s the body physiology and how the systems are interacting. This is why the simple question of “how are you sleeping?” would reveal a lot about a person’s health condition. This is such a fascinating field to look into..

I know sometimes we feel like there’s not enough time in our hands thus we sacrifice sleep to do more important tasks. But it is as important to eat is to sleep–it’s part of refueling the body for the great tasks that lies ahead.


Learning from Kids.

Learning is quite a phenomenal process.  As I browse through the artwork and assignments of a kindergartener, it made me realize how much every stroke and word can reveal about a kid’s personality. No wonder pediatric psychologists uses drawings to decipher a child’s psyche. This is probably why I really appreciate artwork and design from anybody. The process of constructing a masterpiece takes brain power and thought. How can a psychobiology major not love something that have so much innate mind and brain connection, thought, and creativity. It’s hard to describe the joy I get when I look at the one-of-a-kind coloring and drawings my little cousins hung on my wall. While studying for finals, those mini breaks observing those drawings makes me smile. 

Children and their sincerity and innocence are so adorable. I am learning so much from them. 



A NO-NO on Laziness

Moments like this one makes me wonder if my “laziness” is a good thing or a bad thing. Is there a time that is justifiable to be lazy? or perhaps laziness is something innate in every human being. Is laziness the opposite of overworking? If so, maybe my body is just recuperating from an intensive week?Whatever it is, I do not like this feeling. Maybe I need to devise a plan to pull myself out of this hole next time I step in. Perhaps something that I can do under the beautiful California sun…

Pet Peeves

Everybody has them, even me.. I would like to be someone who would be “okay” about everything but that’s not realistic. I got hit by one of my pet peeves and I felt like this little face below—deep, deep inside– plus some extra verbal statements. The verbal statements were not very necessary but I care too much to not say a word. I figure if i keep silent, the pet peeve action will only persist and repeat itself so might has well do something about it. As of now, I only have two pet peeve that I can identified, both have to do with respect and consideration.

Pet Peeve numero uno (1): Passenger constantly on the phone or texting while I am driving, especially when there is only ONE passenger in the car. (this also applies to dining out) numero dos (2): An MJ leg that is multi-tasking/distracted from THE GAME. (this also applies in any other board games, social game, etc).

Ohh.. I am glad that these minor annoyances don’t get stuck in my system. Actually, pet peeves are not bad things to have, right? When I identify them, it just reveals a little more about my values. I guess sometimes it would be nice to know someone’s pet peeves so we can prevent emotional fluctuations. Wouldn’t you?

Masking Stress

I went to my weekly acupuncture treatment and told the intern that I have a mild headache from stress. My intern tells me, “what? you’re stress? How can that be? You always have a smiley face!’… So my question of the day, does stress have a typical appearance to it? No, because stress happens to everybody and not everybody has the same face all the time?! I guess for those who experience a greater degree of stress, they might have different expression.

This reminds me of a common question that I get from my friends. “do you ever get angry, sad or stress?” and “Why are you always so optimistic?”. I believe I’m a quite normal human being and I do experience the various not-so-happy emotions but these negative energy does not reside too long in my system. I guess I was raised to be an optimistic being. I feel like in every mishap or failure, it is another learning opportunity. I know sometimes my emotions may blind me from understanding the situation but in the end…. every failure, every break-up, and every embarrassing moments makes it a great story to tell.

BUT, did you know … even a fake smile will deceive your body in believing that you’re “happy”. I remember reading a Scientific Mind article about that phenomenon on fooling your mind. A fake smile will trigger the “positive” chemical effect in your body! I thought that was an interesting fact to know.

Ok, now let’s practice…. SMILE.

A mute twist…

I had my first natural experience of a slow-motion, muted perception. I thought this was only possible in video tapes or DVD but I got a taste of what it really felt like in real life.  I guess the pain from twisting  that right ankle shot up to my brain and caused a quick chemical change in my sensory organs. Man, for a split moment.. I thought i was in a fish tank because everything started to look weird and the sounds became filtered (or muted?). It was excruciating pain.. for maybe 2 minutes then my natural endorphins kicked in and I continued with my badminton.  Yes. this is not the first time I continued with what I was doing with an injured foot. I’m quite prone to spraining my ankle.

Minor torn on my Tiblofibular ligament. Got some slight swelling. Pain when I walk. That’s it. Treatment: I’m suppose to RICE it but the only thing I’ve done is elevation. Well.. I got my first acupuncture treatment from school. That was kinda nerve-wreaking, but it went okay. My leg felt like a porcupine.. I seriously didn’t know how many needles were in my right leg. ahah!